Crash/road accident data sets

The consultant provide solutions comprise all elements necessary for recording, storing, managing, analysing and reporting/displaying road accident data, together with the necessary legal and organizational frameworks, procedures and training. Features and functions of accident data will include: • User interface, in Bangla • Full relational database functionality including data updating, validation, editing, queries, cross tabulation, data replication and data publishing • GIS mapping capability for accident analysis including plotting options, polygon searches, query of data through accident plot map, definition of data subsets from maps • Specialised road accident analysis capabilities including generation and sorting of stick and pin diagrams, search routines for black spots and monitoring of accident sites • Comprehensive presentation capability; • Interactive accident data entry including unique coding suiting to Police jurisdictions, pull down menus, built in validity checks, warning for missing data and file backup • Applications with robust security features including roles, user groups with their own level of access;