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Agricultural sustainability has the highest priority in all countries, whether developed or developing. With an increasing population pressure throughout the world, there is a definite need for better management of the agricultural resources. Aero-space remote sensing and soil survey data have become an essential tool for sustainable agricultural management and development. Based on a strong experience – of more than 15 years – in delivering agriculture solutions for Indian Council of Agricultural Research organizations, PSPL can help you in producing the crop health map to monitor and manage your crops from planting to harvest.

Relevant Services

  • Agriculture surveys

  • Soils analysis

  • Incorporation of images into precision farming

  • Agricultural parcel detection

  • Irrigated landscape mapping

  • Vegetation analysis and crop health mapping

  • Crop acreage, yield estimation

  • Crop and land suitability assessment

  • Damage and land degradation assessment

  • Advanced land use classification using high-resolution SAR , Hyperspectral and Multispectral satellite imagery.

  • Evaluation of land use and subsidy claims

  • Interactive web tool development for updated information on crop growth