1. Arc Bangladesh was founded by a group of IT and GIS professionals with impressive track record of providing client services and implementing complex geospatial and information technology solutions and services in Bangladesh. Arc Bangladesh’s fields of expertise and services include professional consultancy; software systems development; GIS and geospatial solutions and services; database and data conversion and ICT outsourcing services. Among the industries or sectors in which we have in-depth knowledge and authoritative command includes land, urban growth planning, environment and water management, utility network, infrastructure and government administrations. By consolidating and capitalizing our valuable experiences, Arc Bangladesh has grown organically to its current strength and reputation. It has been providing diverse professional services through four operating units and at present, is maintaining a payroll of 52 people, consisting of managers, IT specialists, and technical and support staff either on permanent or project based employment arrangement.
  2. One of Arc Bangladesh’s strength lies in its ability to assemble a top rate team of experts in the fields of geospatial and information technology, land information management, land use survey and digital cadastral, topographic and geodetic surveys, and urban growth planning.
  3. Arc Bangladesh has a simple and clear mission to help solve problems, enhance productivity and improve customer satisfaction by providing innovative, quality and cost-effective solutions and services in the field of geospatial and information technology applications.