Power Distribution System Planning and Engineering

Distribution system planning studies can take a variety of forms. Whether a short-term plan used to prepare construction budgets or a 20-year long range plan used to guide system expansion, utilities are realizing tangible gains through proactive management of their systems. The objective of Power Distribution System planning is to develop a thorough understanding of the existing system and prepare a roadmap for near-term and future investments needed to provide adequate, reliable and economical service to new and existing customers.

AB possesses the required expertise to address the emergent needs of the distribution sector and provide best-fit solutions. While distribution utilities concentrate on their daily operational issues, Techlabs unburdens them by collecting system technical data, preparing & managing network data, performing various planning studies, developing detailed revamp plan whenever required & assists utility engineers in enhancing performance of distribution network.

The members of ABs distribution team have been involved in a number of distribution rehabilitation projects in different state-level electrical power utilities, including evaluation of existing system, preparation of Rehabilitation Master Plans and training on rehabilitation techniques. There is a recognized empanelled consultant for preparation of DPR with PFC for R-APDRP schemes. Detailed project reports of Techlabs are comprehensive documents including a basis for investment decision making, approval of plans and designs, project planning and implementation scheduling for all types of infrastructure projects.

Established as proven technology driven venture & reliable partner for executing various projects related to power distribution networks, Techlabs has received repeat orders for software & related services from various customers like, M/s REL, M/s NDPL, M/s AREVA, M/s MPPKVVCL, DHBVN, UHBVN, ED – Daman & Diu etc. We have a proven track record since last 10 years as a reliable supplier for Power distribution analysis Software from CYME, Canada. We provide support for solving any technical queries/problems after supplying the software and offer support for complete implementation /integration.

All required technology is available with Techlabs for Power distribution network related to planning & management services i.e. Power system software, instruments & engineering manpower etc. Techlabs promotes Capacity Building exercise for the Client/Discoms/SEBs/Utilities by enabling latter’s personnel to prepare/manage power distribution network using CYMDIST and make them self reliant for effective usage of Analysis Tool.

AB offers following services in the area of Power Distribution:

Power distribution network management services:
Under this gamut of services, Techlabs assists in collecting system technical data by making survey with or without GPS, preparing and managing complete network data, performing various planning studies, develop detailed revamp plan whenever required, recommending necessary modifications in network and assisting utility engineers in decision making.

Power distribution network planning & analysis :
AB uses CYMDIST Power distribution analysis software tool from CYME, Canada for –

  • Preparation of detailed network model as per site conditions
  • Studies for Load flow, load growth, short circuit for accessing network conditions, system technical losses, active & reactive power demands for present & future years
  • Network optimization studies including reconductoring, rephasing, reconfiguration, load balancing, loss reduction, reactive power compensations using optimal capacitor placements & sizing, proposing new substations & feeders, interconnections, augmentation of transformers etc.
  • Network reliability studies including contingency/outage studies, System reliability assessment using historical & predictive data, performing protective devices co-ordination, proposing new interconnections, RMUs & protective devices to enhance system reliability
  •  System studies for improving quality of power supply to improve voltage regulations & through assessment of harmonics in distribution network & remedies thereof
  • Preparation of detailed cost estimations for proposed schemes & Cost benefit analysis to ensure the correct CAP-ex utilization
  • Preparation of accurate switching plan (switching orders & power restoration plan) in network for improved performance

  • Support services for integration of Power distribution networks systems: Techlabs provides required solutions to integrate various systems such as GIS, SCADA, DMS, OMS etc. These services include:
  • Supply & installation, training on CYMDIST software
  • Develop interface between CYMDIST & GIS software tools
  • Support for integrating CYMDIST with other system like DMS, SCADA & OMS, EMS etc.
    Assignment Name 
    Name of Client 
    Narrative Description 
    GIS Based Distribution Network System and Preparation of a 20 Years Distribution System Master Plan for DPDCDhaka Power Distribution Company Limited (DPDC)• Task-1: Survey of existing distribution system, development of GIS database, preparation of line sketch, Single line diagram. Engineering analysis and plan for immediate renovation and expansion work • Task-II: Development of GIS based application for mapping, system analysis and project planning • Task-III: Preparation of Master Plan for system expansion and up-gradation for 20 years • Task-IV: Capacity building of DPDC personnel
    CONSULTANCY SERVICES FOR PREPARATION OF A MASTER PLAN FOR THE RURAL ELECTRIFICATION (RE) PROGRAM IN BANGLADESH FOR BREB.BANGLADESH RURAL ELECTRIFICATION BOARD (BREB)• Define the physical distribution facilities needed by year and by each PBS, such as distribution lines, primary substations (33/11 kV) and grid substations (132/33 kV), to meet both the growth of the existing system and the connections to the ‘unserved’ population; • Identify the probable locations of new sub-stations, including grid sub-stations, considering future load growth (in two steps of 5-year intervals, totaling 10 years) and present these in PBS key maps; • Estimate, year and PBS wise, consumer connection growth; • Estimate year wise financial plan for implementation of the electrification development programme; • Identify the implications for the financial performance of each PBS given the level of proposed development and recommend measure to enable financial soundness of both the individual PBSs and the BREB system as a whole; • Prepare recommendations and submit reports to BREB covering all aspects of the Rural Electrification program for Bangladesh over the next 10 (ten) years; • Organize at least 2 (two) workshops for disseminating outcomes of the Master Plan study;