Emergency Management

Emergency preparedness involves the planning of how governments, organizations and individuals save lives and minimize damages and disruption in the aftermath of a disaster. To be prepared, government and communities must know what resources and tools are available and how to use them in the most practical and efficient way.One of the greatest challenges emergency personnel face is getting rapid access to standardized maps that enable effective navigation, present a common coordinate system, and provide key information on events, resources and infrastructure. Decision makers and responders require spatially aware intelligence that can give everyone involved the necessary information to perform their duties safely and efficiently. In the context of emergency management, PSPL offers customers advanced and customized simulators, spatial models, GeoPDF and other innovative web mapping tools to ensure sound decision-making before, during and after an emergency event.

Relevant Services

  • Hazards analysis
  • Vulnerability analysis
  • Behavioral analysis
  • Shelter analysis
  • Transportation analysis
  • Dynamic simulation
  • GeoPDF map book creation
  • Customized model
  • Web-based information systems