Geological modelling and interpretation

We provide the industry-leading capability for the construction and interpretation of 3D geological models. We pioneered the "Common Earth Model" concept in the minerals industry, drawing on a wide range of geological, geophysical, geochemical, and geotechnical knowledge and tools to build integrated models of complete geological frameworks. As mineral exploration has become progressively more focused on deep, under cover, and brownfields targeting, proper 3D geological modelling, analysis, and interpretation have become essential. We have extensive experience in working across a range of scales and business needs: from mineral exploration to resource modelling and geotechnical engineering. Our team works with a broad spectrum of modelling technology and data types in order to create and deliver meaningful, client-driven models that serve as the basis for decision making in drillhole targeting, resource estimation, and geotechnical hazard evaluation. We know how to manage complex modelling projects from setting concrete objectives through to detailed model design and delivery focused on supporting business decisions. We work directly with clients around the world, from juniors to majors, and across all commodity types to provide valuable 3D models and interpretation in common formats for the easy communication of results and ideas.
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Preparation of Development plan for Fourteen Upazilas (Package-2)Urban Development Directorate (UDD)Find out development issues and potential for the people of the upazila to develop and update provisions for better transport network, housing, infrastructures for roads, markets, bus terminals, sanitation, water supply, drainage, solid waste management, electricity, education, leisure and such other infrastructure facilities for meeting the social and community needs of the poor and the disadvantaged groups for better quality of life; Prepare a multi-sector short and long term investment plan through participatory process for better living standards by identifying area based priority-Drainage Development plan, transportation and traffic management plan, other need specific plan as per requirement in accordance with the principle of sustainability; Provide control provisions for private sector development, clarity and security with regard to future development;