Monitoring & Evaluation

  • design of M&E frameworks, toolkits and M&E capacity building monitoring,

  • evaluation and independent verification of programme

  • design and delivery of locally appropriate and robust data collection tools

  • design of indicators using transparent and systematic approaches

  • qualitative and quantitative analysis
Completed Project

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Narrative Description 
Impact Assessment of Integrated Agricultural Productivity Project (IAPP))Ministry of AgricultureThe major studies have been conducted for an impact study of the project against the desiredoutputs and outcomes accomplished so far by different components. The impact study assessedthe increased productivity and production of crops, livestock, fisheries and irrigation efficiency,income of the farmers and the level of technology development and dissemination. The studyteam also assessed the level of technology adopted by the farmers. Objectives of the Impact AssessmentThe main objectives of the impact assessment are to assess the outcomes of the project incomparison with result framework; determine whether satisfactory progress is being made towards 11meeting the EOP targets of the project; assess whether the implementation structures agreed arebeing honored and draw lessons from the experience to adopt its methodology for the future