Power Engineering Services

ABs’ consulting expertise includes developing and planning flexible strategies for Power utilities. Every project is headed by a strong leader and supported by a team working with the "Planning for Perfection".
Our power engineering team aids personnel of diverse power utilities for enhancing the reliability of their power systems by offering following services:

  • Services for Asset survey/mapping of Transmission & distribution network using DGPS/ GPS survey.
  • Geo-referencing & Digitization with Paper Maps / Survey Maps & Satellite Images in GIS Tools.
  • LT/HT Consumer Indexing digitization.
  • Power Transmission System Planning & Engineering Services
  • Power Distribution System Planning & Engineering Services
  • Industrial Engineering Services for Power System Networks
  • Safety Assessment & Engineering Services
  • Basic & Detailed Engineering Services Energy Auditing Services
    Assignment Name 
    Name of Client 
    Narrative Description 
    GIS Based Distribution Network System and Preparation of a 20 Years Distribution System Master Plan for DPDCDhaka Power Distribution Company Limited (DPDC)• Task-1: Survey of existing distribution system, development of GIS database, preparation of line sketch, Single line diagram. Engineering analysis and plan for immediate renovation and expansion work • Task-II: Development of GIS based application for mapping, system analysis and project planning • Task-III: Preparation of Master Plan for system expansion and up-gradation for 20 years • Task-IV: Capacity building of DPDC personnel
    CONSULTANCY SERVICES FOR PREPARATION OF A MASTER PLAN FOR THE RURAL ELECTRIFICATION (RE) PROGRAM IN BANGLADESH FOR BREB.BANGLADESH RURAL ELECTRIFICATION BOARD (BREB)• Define the physical distribution facilities needed by year and by each PBS, such as distribution lines, primary substations (33/11 kV) and grid substations (132/33 kV), to meet both the growth of the existing system and the connections to the ‘unserved’ population; • Identify the probable locations of new sub-stations, including grid sub-stations, considering future load growth (in two steps of 5-year intervals, totaling 10 years) and present these in PBS key maps; • Estimate, year and PBS wise, consumer connection growth; • Estimate year wise financial plan for implementation of the electrification development programme; • Identify the implications for the financial performance of each PBS given the level of proposed development and recommend measure to enable financial soundness of both the individual PBSs and the BREB system as a whole; • Prepare recommendations and submit reports to BREB covering all aspects of the Rural Electrification program for Bangladesh over the next 10 (ten) years; • Organize at least 2 (two) workshops for disseminating outcomes of the Master Plan study;