Revenue Enhancement

Revenue enhancement involves exploring opportunities to diversify revenue sources when existing revenues are inadequate to meet the demands of the citizens. Finally, it means making a commitment to putting in place a wide-ranging series of improvements to its policies, procedures, staffing and organisational structure.
1 Tax Revenues from Municipal Services
1.1 Business and professional services taxes
1.2 Assurance
1.3 Entertainment tax
1.4 Other taxes

2 Municipal Rent Revenues and Investment Income Municipal Rent Revenues excluding land lease
2.1 Urban land rent
2.2 Residential houses rent
2.3 Business building rent
2.4 Market stall rent
2.5 Market place rent
2.6 Stable rent and livestock tax
2.7 Funeral service vehicle rent
2.8 Rent from machinery
2.9 Other rent
2.10 Municipal investment income
2.11 Land lease (total)
3 Municipal Service Charges
3.1 Business and professional services registration and licensing fee
3.2 Building and Fence Construction Permit License
3.3 Soil dumping space license
3.4 Permission for driving on prohibited roads
3.5 Traffic fines for violation of traffic rules and regulations
3.6 Fines for violation of rules and regulations
3.7 Bus terminal services
3.8 Environmental protection fee
3.9 Other charges
4 Property and Services Sales of Goods and Services
4.1 Sanitation services
4.2 Technical services fee
4.3 Supervision of building and construction works
4.4 Design and tender document preparation
4.5 Contract registration and confirmation
4.6 Road services fee
4.7 Water service
4.8 Sewer service
4.9 Fire brigade and emergency services
4.10 Vital statistics service
4.11 Driving licenses fee
4.12 Garage services
4.13 Annual vehicle inspection agencies fee
4.14 Driving instructor and vehicle title deed
4.15 Valuation of vehicle 4.16 Registration of driving instructors and others registration
4.17 Vehicle plate sales and rent
4.18 Vehicle parking fees
4.19 Permission for change of type of vehicle services
4.20 Transfer of title deed fee
4.21 Registration fee for land acquisition
4.22 Renewal of land, building title deed, plan & maintenance of houses
4.23 Debt suspension, cancellation of registration, foreclosure service
4.24 Funeral service
4.25 Abattoir service
4.26 Loading and unloading charges
4.27 Provision of cart and chariot service
4.28 Provision of park services
4.29 Emblems and sign board and any advertising service
4.30 Other sales of property and services
5 Other capital receipts
5.1 Sales of movable and immovable property
5.2 Community contribution & other capital receipts